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ISI Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited in May 2022 to examine Educational Quality and Compliance at Heath House. The report concluded that the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements over-all is excellent.

Here are some highlights of the May 2022 report. 

  • The school fosters strong literacy skills through a structured curriculum and documented plans.
  • Pupils show an excellent growing grasp of cultural traditions, non-material aspects of life and the significance of sustainability.
  • Pupils' academic achievements are reported as excellent, with high levels of success in literacy and mathematics.
  • The school offers a wide range of well-curated extra-curricular activities, including chess, photography, science and computing.
  • The school's leadership and management demonstrate excellent skills and knowledge and ensure consistent compliance with standards.


Here are some highlights of other areas of excellence mentioned in the report:


  • The curriculum includes foreign languages (French, Spanish, Mandarin) and fosters skills in art, music, and sports.
  • The curriculum is tailored through individual education plans, reflecting each child's potential, ability or talent.

Moral & Spiritual welfare:

  • Pupils demonstrate strong moral understanding, respect for others, and awareness of health and safety.
  • The school promotes British values alongside resilience, kindness and sportsmanship, while also fostering good behaviour and preventing bullying.

Quality of Education:

  • The quality of pupils' personal development is highlighted as excellent, focusing on confidence, self-esteem, and compassion.
  • The school actively promotes pupil voice and decision-making, encouraging participation in school.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Key standards inspected in detail include safeguarding, health and safety, and provision of information.
  • Appropriate checks are conducted to ensure the suitability of staff, supply staff, and proprietors.

Co-curricular Activities:

  • Pupils actively engage in community service, including charity fundraising and local volunteering initiatives.
  • Speech and drama awards contribute to pupils' personal development and confidence.


  • Academic achievements are reported as excellent, with pupils progressing rapidly over time.
  • Pupils demonstrate outstanding attitudes towards learning and maintain high standards even during challenging circumstances like lockdowns.


  • Pupils exhibit strong moral understanding, respect for others, and compassion towards their community.
  • The school's leadership and management are deemed effective, ensuring compliance with standards and promoting pupil well-being.